Creating a business is one thing, marketing it is another….


Our Google Squared course is getting more intense now and for this latest bit of coursework we were asked to design a marketing strategy for a hair colour product called Kleur Tonacity (a made up brand) and their brand new salon quality product. Sounds easy? Not when you have no hair 🙂

In addition, we’ve realised that by creating a strategy in a group of people with varying degrees of experience means you gets lots of really good insight but struggle to know what’s important and what’s not.

Creating a strategy for a fake brand is really tough but once you’ve run the research, created a framework of what should be included then actually creating the strategy is fairly straightforward. Interestingly, the most difficult part is condensing it down to 10 slides.

As with life though, you have to think about what you are trying to achieve, the primary, secondary and luxury objectives and then be single minded in layering on your marketing strategy and tactics to ensure you are taking your customers down a journey using multiple content types and messaging. 

In this particular project we were not asked to be creative but actually build the strategy, consistency was the tough choice, ensuring the presentation had a flow and storyline that meant everyone had a voice, job to do and thoughts were presented well.

Luckily for me, it’s something i’ve done a fair amount for our clients in the past so was very used to running this type of activity, it meant translating my knowledge from my day job into the coursework, I just hope it’s been enough to pass 🙂


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