If a picture is worth a thousand words what is a video worth???


Well apparently one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and that is according to Dr. James McQuivey as long ago as 2009, so video marketing is certainly not a new dynamic. I was on a lecture in the Squared Online course today and video was the discussion point and it got me thinking.

Everyone is saying it’s the year of content marketing but honestly how many people think of written content first when they think about content marketing?

The video above really does well to describe the power of video and is really worth a watch. However, it then got me thinking to how do I use it in my work life?

Well take 2 parts of my work life, one is my day job. At DWA we advise clients every day on the “power of 5” as we call it but should be the minimum of “Power of 3” which is usually video, text/image and audio and as an agency our first call should be to practice what we preach.

After all, would you take driving lessons from an instructor that couldn’t drive?

We produce plenty of content but in actual video form we have some work to do. I then got thinking about my side job, my own website Inspired By Locals and I don’t even have a Youtube channel. I started to think about what I would publish and would it be interesting and that led me to a whole new level of thought.

At DWA there is plenty we could create videos about, video based infographics, how to videos on using marketing automation software, how to use PPC correctly, what does modern day SEO mean, how can you integrate marketing activities, the list is endless.

When I thought about Inspired By Locals though I started to struggle, apart from videos of trips and places (which is costly as you have to go there) and perhaps infographics but you have to have the data to make them interesting what else could I use and if i’m honest I still haven’t cracked it.

One part of our coursework is to create a video of ourselves and by doing this i’ve realised quite quickly is it is not difficult to create video and most of the time you have the content to fill it, it’s just storyboarding and creating a great voice-over.

Whilst I didn’t learn anything technical in this lesson, what it did was to resurrect the need to take video seriously, after all it is the second most used search engine after Google and that’s not even taking into account Vimeo, Metacafe and all the other video platforms.


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